“This is a story that continues…”

Conferenza stampa "Questa è una storia che contiunua..."


A review of 10 international films and a conference in Bergamo from 10 to 12 October 2023

The Festival del Cinema Nuovo, which for more than twenty years has been offering films starring people with disabilities, this year organizes in Bergamo, Capital with Brescia della Cultura 2023, a review of international films selected with the contribution and patronage of Giffoni Film Festival and a conference which will be held from Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th October at the Cinema Teatro Conca Verde and at theLab 80 Auditorium.

The Festival is an initiative of theRomeo Della Bella Social Promotion Association Sociale Romeo Della Bella and Mediafriends in partnership with Fondazione Allianz Umana-Mente, which on this occasion can also count on the support of the Bergamasca Community Foundation.

With this event the Organizers intend to give continuity to the Festival which takes place every two years and which in its twelfth edition, which took place last autumn, saw the participation of 215 films, 9 of which were awarded during the final evening at the Donizetti theater in the presence of over 1.000 spectators.

The 10 films of this innovative review, almost all of which have never been seen before in Italy, will be screened on 10 and 11 October, in the afternoon at the Lab 80 Auditorium and in the evening at the Conca Verde cinema.
Two of the films are Italian, while the others come from different countries (Greece, Hungary, Holland, Poland, Brazil, Iran, Canada) and are subtitled in Italian to facilitate their enjoyment.
On the evening of the 12th, at the end of the three days, "Campioni", the well-known 2023 film, directed by Danny Byers, will be shown in the Lab 80 Auditorium, courtesy of Universal and, thanks to the interest of Medicinema.

The Conference entitled "Disability is a film" will be held on the afternoon of October 12th at the Lab 80 Auditorium, and will be attended by: Marcella Messina, Councilor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Bergamo; Serenella Besio, Full Lecturer at the Human Sciences Department of the University of Bergamo; Adriano D’Aloia, Associate Professor of Cinema History at the University of Bergamo; the journalist Nina Palmieri of the program "Le Iene"; Andrea Caccia, director and teacher of the Michelangelo Antonioni Film Institute; the director Antonio Palese; Mirko Pajè, Artistic Director of the Festival and Creative Director of Mediaset; Luigi Colombo, Vice President of APS Romeo Della Bella.

A collaboration, that between the Festival and the city of Bergamo, which was born from the convinced involvement of the Mayor Giorgio Gori and the Councilor Marcella Messina and which now intends to expand to the University on the theme of Culture as Care and Cinema as a form of art capable of helping people with disabilities to emancipate themselves and increase their awareness and independence.

Special thanks to the Limits, Disability and Languages of Art Fund, the Coo'ee Italia Agency and Carminati Affissioni.


The films in review

AMUSIA – Italy
Directed by Marescotti Ruspoli
In a world saturated with music, a girl is born without the means to listen to it. Her illness is called Amusia. A lonely childhood pushes her to run away, ending up meeting a boy who fights his loneliness through music.

Directed by Jaket Lusinski
Inspired by true events, it is the story of a young mother of an autistic boy, who fights against the bureaucracy and ruthlessness of the system, achieving important changes in the education system.

Directed by Haroldo Borges
A fatherless young woman living in a small town in Brazil faces a degenerative eye disease that will eventually leave her blind. As her eyesight deteriorates she must also suffer from unrequited love.

LARRY – Hungary
Directed by Szilard Bernath
It is the story of Adam who lives in isolation due to his stutter. Hip hop is the only way he can get rid of his speech impediment.

Directed by Dornaz Hajiha
Haleh is a protective mother who spoils her 4-year-old. When she stops speaking, her parents try to understand the reason for her silence and how to fix it. The more they try to talk to him and consult experts, the worse things get.

Directed by Maria Duoza
The financial upheaval forces a deaf teenager to leave the valid and innovative school in Athens for her problem and move to her island, in a context where she has to face the coldness, almost hostility, of her stepmother and stepbrother, the indifference of her father and the prejudice and intolerance of the people.

Directed by Nicole Van Kilsdonk
It is the story of two girls, one deaf and one with difficulties in relationships, who set out to look for the grandmother of one of them who is seriously ill and encounter some difficulties.

Directed by Connie Cocchia
Leaving for college, Abbie leaves her parents and her autistic brother, who doesn't speak. Abbie lives the new reality with enthusiasm, while her parents try to make her brother more independent, without succeeding also because she suffers from the absence of her sister. Having returned home for the holidays, she discovers that her brother is in hospital and the problem arises of a solution for her future.

Directed by Valentina Bertani
Beniamin and Joshua are two identical twins with intellectual disabilities who cannot plan, but cannot even imagine their future after finishing school. They feel oppressed by a world that is not willing to welcome them, but they try to fight.

Directed by Danny Byers It is the story of a basketball coach who is entrusted by the court with the task of managing a team of players with intellectual disabilities


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