The story of
an authentic beauty.


Il racconto di una
bellezza autentica. 

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"People who watch these films will leave the theatre with a smile in their heart, finally realising that the disability is not just a problem."

The International Festival del Cinema Nuovo was born in 1997 from the idea of ​​the visionary psychologist Romeo Della Bella, who directed it with passion and enthusiasm until he passed away in 2016. Today, this dream is pursued by the institution bearing its creator’s name, the Romeo Della Bella Association in collaboration with Mediafriends.

The International Festival del Cinema Nuovo is a competition for short films interpreted by people with disabilities. It is an important and very popular point of reference in the panorama of cinematographic activities for people with disabilities. It owes its uniqueness to the active participation of communities, daycare or residential centres and voluntary associations, the real protagonists in the various stages of making the short films.

The Festival returns to the international limelight every two years thanks to the support and contribution of numerous Partners, such as Mediafriends, the Allianz UMANA MENTE Foundation, among many others. There are also exceptional testimonials from the world of entertainment, such as Ale & Franz, protagonists with our youth in the commercial, and Gisella Donadoni, the godmother of the Festival and presenter of the events when the films in competition are screened and awarded.

In the past editions, the Festival del Cinema Nuovo has counted on a jury composed of prominent figures from the Italian cultural scene. Under the presidency of Giampaolo Letta (President of the Jury) and Pupi Avati (Honorary President), this year's Jury will feature important figures representing the world of journalism, television and qualified professionals in the sector.


The film festival you don't expect

An ever-increasing number of film productions on the subject of disability shows that the reality of the disabled is no longer a reality that can be hidden in the eyes of the public. However, we believe that the Festival del Cinema Nuovo is unique for the persons it engages with, for its mission and the results it obtained over the years. Our youth want to be protagonists as well.

Our experience and the feedback collected from numerous Centres convince us that making films can help achieve the deeper psychosocial goal that underlies our commitment, the well-being of our youth.

In fact, they find enjoyment in two moments: when they actively work at the film, engaging in the making of it, and, to a greater degree, when they relax and see themselves again on the big or small screen, enjoying the admiration of the public. Technology offers this opportunity to be together, have fun and feel important .

Many exponents of the seventh art, among which there is no shortage of illustrious directors, have made films addressing and narrating disability with great depth and suggestion, films whose praiseworthy goal is to make the public aware of what it means to be disabled. While appreciating such admirable awareness-raising and in-depth works, the Festival del Cinema Nuovo tries to take a different path. The strength of its message resides in the authenticity of its protagonists and in the therapeutic value of making films together. 

First of all, the people

We want to enhance the cinematographic experiences lived by our youth, especially those who are from small communities. We can fix that "fleeting moment" on their faces and their character with the camera. We must do our best to grasp, interpret, focus, and then assemble, reconstruct, structure. In the end... to make poetry.

In the short films of our Festival, the coexistence of the so-called “normal” is not desired. Or, at least, their presence should not be over-imposing. We want them to remain in the background, to complete without invading. Of course, operators and other experts will be welcome to contribute to the plot, the direction and the editing so that they can create an intelligent relationship between image and music...

...but the protagonists of the show must be "them."

Handicap, skills and life:
ambassadors of oneself

We always focus on skills when we talk about our youth.

"The handicapped", "the disabled"...

Speaking in these terms can be confusing. No disabilities are equal to each other, differing by type, age and severity. Unfortunately, many of our youth are not disabled in terms of skills, as these are usually understood. But one thing unites all of them: they are living, sensitive, authentic people. Their emotions are spontaneous and true.

If well directed, these films highlight the vitality of our youth who become ambassadors of themselves and their unique characters.

If well managed, making films can trigger beneficial processes of self-esteem and gratification like any other creative activity. It is enough to direct the many positive aspects that often are not valued to our youth. They have the capacity to take risks, they have vitality, a desire to identify with different roles, a taste for dreaming, a desire to express themselves by making films.

How not to give them this chance?

The risk of the grotesque and the smile in the heart

We are aware that a show made by disabled people carries with it the risk of looking grotesque or at least ambivalent. This is a danger that is always around the corner, even during filming.

We do not want to provoke benevolent complacency. We would like us to be surprised by what they are and do instead of what they do not have or do not know.

“We hope that in the evenings of the Festival del Cinema Nuovo, the public who attend the screenings will leave the theatre with a smile on their faceand in their heart, finally realising that disability is not just a problem.9

The Festival del Cinema Nuovo enhances the sense of celebration and expresses its deepest cultural value."


Dt. Romeo Della Bella

Take part in the 12th Edition
of the Festival del Cinema Nuovo.

Fill and send the entry form by 30th June 2022 and submit your short film by 15th July 2022.